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"Little Boy is so inspiring, moving, touching and reliable... it will make you a better person."
- Eva Longoria, Actor


"This is such a touching and wonderful film; I hope everybody brings their entire family to see it. It should change lives."
- Jewel Kilcher


"This film restored my faith that I can move the mountains in my life. It was an extraordinary experience and an inspired beautiful piece of art."
- Rob Birkhead, VP Associate Publisher, Howard Books/ Simon & Schuster


"Little Boy is one of those movies that will touch your heart forever."
- Paulina Rubio, Singer, Actor


"Gorgeous scenery throughout the film coupled with a heartfelt and powerful performance by Jakob Salvati!"
- Cathy Kelley, JUCE TV (TBN)


"Powerful story. Very glad this film now exists."
- Brock Starnes, Brentwood Studios, TN


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